When Twitter Likes become your Bookmarks

If you're like me, you might (mis)use Twitter's Like button as a way to bookmark important tweets. Once you've reached several hundred or thousands of bookmarks, ehm Likes, it becomes really hard to find what you're looking for. Mainly because Twitter Likes are not designed for this type of use and the UI search is not super flexible. However, with some CLI magic, we can easily fix that :)

Understanding and using the Kubernetes PodNodeSelector Admission Controller

During a recent customer engagement, a discussion about Kubernetes `NodeSelectors` came up. There was some confusion about whether and how to use them for a multi-tenant cluster deployment. In the end, we decided to leverage the Kubernetes `PodNodeSelector` admission controller.

Inside Docker's "FROM scratch"

Follow me into the rabbit hole to explore how does it look like inside Docker's "FROM scratch"

QoS, "Node allocatable" and the Kubernetes Scheduler

Answering a customer question about why "Allocatable" resources (CPU, MEM) on the Kubelet would not be reduced when he starts pods with QoS guarantees. This is a deep dive in the Kubernetes scheduler...

Kubernetes and the fine art of scaling - UP!

Distributed runtime (i.e. Kubernetes) optimization. The idea was mainly about day two operations for distributed systems written for and running on Kubernetes. We were mainly interested in how the platform can optimize the applications (services) it hosts.