What I learned from Erlang about Resiliency in Systems Design

Failure in computer systems is inevitable. Adopting Erlang's philosophy of "Let it crash" at the many layers of abstractions in software can have a huge positive impact on resiliency.

12 Fractured Apps (Reloaded)

Three years ago Kelsey Hightower wrote a great article on how to refactor your applications correctly when going "cloud-native". A customer visit this week put me back in time, as the challenge was to containerize JBoss instances synchronizing via NFS...

Tips for Your First Kubecon Presentation

Congratulations! Your first presentation at an amazing conference was accepted and you are super excited. Now the work starts and I might have some useful tips for you to not get lost on your way.

Events, the DNA of Kubernetes

I see a lot of people having problems to understand how the Kubernetes platform works at the fundamental level, e.g. resiliency and behavior. If you start thinking about Kubernetes as a fully event-driven system, there's answers to so many "Why"'s