Why would I want to blog?

@bbrundert is the answer (to almost everything btw).

Well, if it wasn´t Björn who finally kicked my <redacted>, I think I´d never started my own blog. I´m pretty active on Twitter (@embano1), and never felt the need to share more than 140 characters with the world. But I changed my view last week, after some glass of wine at Björn´s “Home Sweet Home”. Our discussion went like this:

<Bla bla Kubernetes bla bla…>
Björn: Dude, you should have a blog!
Me: Man, I have no time! And I can´t really put together a good blog post, which is both, a funny read and interesting.
Björn: May be, but the stuff you´re interested in and working on is really cool! It would be a shame if you´d not share it.
Me: (thinking)
Björn: This Kubernetes Informers stuff you just told me. Is this something everyone knows about?
Me: Well, I don´t know. Perhaps no one cares about?
Björn: I don´t think so. Just write it down. Doesn´t have to be a book! Just your thoughts, findings, etc.
Me: Sounds easy. And actually I see more and more people start writing custom Kubernetes controllers (#FTW!). Last week I had an interesting discussion with a developer from HolidayCheck24. We helped out each other and may be this could be my first blog post?
<More wine…and then it got late again>

So this got me thinking over the weekend. It takes a lot of time (for me as a non-native English writer) to put together a post. I do a lot of research on the matter, want to be precise and provide value to the reader, i.e. picking a topic actually someone cares about but also has not already seen a million posts already. And it should not read like a robot from the 80s has written it.

But I thought I´d give it a try. To quickly get started, I immediately used Hugo (Go cough) and created a embano1.github.io repository. Fairly easy to get a blog these days, isn´t it?

Enough sentimentality Michael, now show me the money…